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Tear Jerker / The Simpsons Movie

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"Must keep going. Must keep going. No, I can't. I can't keep going. Yes, you can. No, I can't! Oh, shut up! You shut up! ... Oh, what's the point? It’s hopeless."
  • Bart watching Flanders tuck his kids into their beds and making them snug and meanwhile, Homer's playing with Plopper/Spider-Pig/Harry Plopper. Bart comments "So that's what snug is..."
    • On top of that, Bart sneakily taking the hot chocolate Flanders offers when Flanders isn't there to judge him. There's something sad about how small Bart's "Oh my god" is, like this is the first time anyone's actually made him anything like this. Considering Bart's clear status as The Unfavorite of the Simpson family, it makes sense why this one act of kindness causes him to become bitter towards his own bumbling emotionally stunted father.
  • Homer returning to his cabin and finding none of the family, but a video tape where Marge announces that she's leaving him.
    Marge: Lately, what's keeping us together is my ability to overlook everything you do. And I overlook these things because...
    Homer: Because?
    Marge: Well, that's the thing. I-I just don't know how to finish that sentence anymore. So I'm leaving with the kids to help Springfield, and we're never coming back. And to prove to myself that this is the end... I taped this over our wedding video. Goodbye, Homie. *a tear is shed from Marge's eye as she says the final line*
    • This may be the single finest performance that Julie Kavner has given in her history with the franchise. David Silverman had her record the scene one hundred times to make her sound properly emotionally drained, and it shows: We're used to hearing Marge anxious, blissful, furious, even a weepy mess. But her defeated, soul-bearing tone here makes the whole thing devastating. Marge giving up on the man she loves to save her town is understandable but still an unwanted circumstance, and Kavner mines every nugget of emotion possible from the read.
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    • Then the tape really does cut to their wedding dance, making it clear just how serious Marge is about all of this.
    • It's easy to miss, but in the seconds of staticky transition, you can see in the reflection that Homer has crawled from the bed to right in front of the TV, looking properly heartbroken. He's lost his true love, his kids, every bit of his old life, because of his own selfishness, and it's shattered him.
    • And then a Dark Reprise of their love song "(They Long To Be) Close To You" is the background as he goes to find them.
    • And if that wasn't enough, Homer falls unconscious on a heart-shaped floating piece of ice, which then breaks.
    • Then it's followed by the biggest gut-punch for the audience: the scene then fades to black, with a To Be Continued... Right Now gag.
  • Homer's Despair Event Horizon, as seen in the picture. Far from Springfield (but not as far as he thinks), his sled dogs are gone, his Heroic Resolve running out, and too exhausted to argue with himself, he passes out in the snow. Good thing he gets woken up by a vision of The Boob Lady.

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