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Tear Jerker / The Rugrats Movie

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Poor Tommy....

  • Early on after Dil arrives you see Tommy having to sing to himself because his parents are too busy, and then it goes to Spike, howling in the rain.
    Tommy: Baby, please, rest your head. Now it is time for bed. Please stop. Don't you see? I want mom and dad for me.
  • Tommy being disowned and abandoned by his friends for prioritizing Dil above them, leaving him to save Dil from the monkeys on his own.
    Lil: Look it, Tommy, nobody likes him!
    Phil: We're gonna find that lizard, Tommy. You can find your brother by yourself!
    Tommy: Will you help me, Chuckie?
    Chuckie: Sorry, Tommy.
    Tommy: But—but you're my bestest friend.
    Chuckie: Yeah? Well, if—if I'm your bestest friend, then how come when I got throwed up on, you didn't help me? Huh, huh? And when I falled overboard, you didn't help me. And then when the monkey grabbed me, you didn't even care (crying) about my boo-boo!
    (Tommy slumps)
    Lil: Face it, Tommy. You don't got a bestest friend no more. All you gots is a brother!
    Tommy: (dejected, close to tears) Oh, um... fine. I-I-I'll go find him by myself.
    (Tommy sadly goes off to find Dil, leaving the other Rugrats behind. With another crack of thunder, it starts to rain. The baby monkey escapes, leaving its diaper behind)
    • Later Chuckie starts regretting this and begs Phil and Lil to help him go find Tommy. They indignantly remind him that Tommy only cared about protecting Dil over him.
    Chuckie: Well, somebody has to. Don't they?...
  • The scene in the rain where Tommy finally has had enough of Dil's selfishness, and in his rage, very nearly pours banana baby food on him for the monkeys to take him away. Probably the most dramatic scene in the history of the series, and quite impressive when you consider that this is a one year old and his newborn brother, and yet it can still send shivers down anyone's spine and tears down their faces.
    • What's even more impressive is that he's planning on pouring banana-flavored baby food on Dil and leaving him with the monkeys, and it somehow manages to make you cry instead of laugh at how ridiculous it all is.
    • And the way the scene is highly reminiscent of Cain and Abel.
    • When Dil breaks down and starts crying (not his usual wailing, genuine terrified sobbing), Tommy looks at his reflection in the puddles and sees his utterly wrathful expression before it breaks into a horrified, remorseful one. He recomposes himself and brings Dil back under the tree. Even the monkeys are close to tears as they sadly look at Tommy and Dil.
      Tommy: I'm sorry, Dil. It's okay, Dilly. Everything's gonna be okay.
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    • A bit later, as Tommy recovers his watch, he hears Dil's terrified wailing after thunder strikes. Tommy tucks Dil in with the blanket singing a similar lullaby from earlier, as he tries make Dil (and himself) not lose hope.
    Tommy: Baby, please, rest your head. Soon we will be home in bed. Until then, I'll protect you like no other. You're okay for a little brother.
  • Spike saving the babies from Scar Snout the wolf at the last minute, only to fall off the bridge with him.
    Angelica: (in tears) Dumb dog. Why'd you have to go and...? (breaks down sobbing)
    • When Tommy is about to ask the "Lizard" (Actually Tommy's father) to send them back home, he looks back at the other babies, who are all crying over Spike's sacrifice, and instead wishes for his doggy back.

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