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Tear Jerker / The Rolling Stones

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The band

Even this badass rock band of The '60s, The '70s, and The '80s have some incredibly moving songs.

  • "Wild Horses". The cover done by The Sundays can also be moving, even if it's mostly because of the Buffy connection. The Flying Burrito Brothers' version, though, is really the one that starts up the waterworks.
  • "Ran Out of Tears" is another one
  • "Angie". "Angie... Angie, ain't it good to be alive?"
  • "Ruby Tuesday". "Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday..."
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  • Not to mention "As Tears Go By" and "No Expectations".
  • "Gimme Shelter" is dark and moving or outright tear jerker, but listening to the wails of Merry Clayton mixed with the grim lyrics is enough to incite some form of dread in anyone.
  • "Shine a Light" - the band's tribute to Brian Jones after his death.
    • To those not aware of this inspiration, "Shine a Light" plays as being not particularly dark or sad, but still very moving, especially the beginning, coming out of the equally moving "Let It Loose" as Exile comes to a close. Something about the gospel air there is to it and that sort of reflective nature of the lyrics makes it stick out. Nonetheless, it's in a major key, and the lyrics never explicitly mention Jones' death, so the full emotions behind the song may not be evident to those not familiar with its Reality Subtext. To those aware that it was a tribute to Jones, however, it's probably one of the saddest songs on the album.
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  • "Moonlight Mile".
  • "Sympathy for the Devil" is a very sobering listen under the catchy tune; Satan sarcastically takes credit for numerous atrocities committed by humans against one another before spelling it out for us that morality isn't black-and-white and everyone has the capacity for both great good and great evil within them.
  • "Sister Morphine", probably especially so to people who have lost loved ones to drug addictions. It's a coin flip as to whether the Stones' version or Marianne Faithfull's original (she co-wrote it with Jagger and Richards, but recorded her version first) is more harrowing.
    Sweet Cousin Cocaine
    Lay your cool, cool hand on my head
    Ah, come on, Sister Morphine
    You better make up my bed
    Because you know and I know
    In the morning I'll be dead
    Yeah, and you can sit around, yeah, and you can watch
    All the clean white sheets stained red