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Tear Jerker / The Proud Family

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  • “Culture Shock” can hit a little close to home for any Pakistani viewers.
  • "Penny Potter": Oscar's relationship with Sista Spice is heartbreaking. When Sista Spice first appears, it looks like he has a better relationship with her than with Suga Mama, with Sista Spice being kind and supporting to Oscar and Oscar welcoming her into his home with open arms. When Sista Spice reveals she could not get a place to do her show, Oscar offers to let her use his Proud Snax Parking lot for free, then Sista Spice offers to make it a business deal, and he happily agrees, hugging her and wishing she was his mother. Then it's revealed she plans to swindle Oscar for money. She also outright confirms that she never loved Oscar, telling Suga Mama, "If I don't like you, why would I like your son?" But then you have tears of joy when Suga Mama proves how much she loves Oscar, and they share a moment where she tells him, "Sometimes, I don't like you, but I will always love you - remember that."
  • The ending of “Wedding Bell Blues”, when Clarence’s son Maxwell interrupts the wedding and explains that his father has Alzheimer's and had disappeared from his nursing home, so he can’t marry Suga Mama after all. You just wanna give her a hug.
    • The hardest part is, it's Sugar Mama who has to break off the wedding herself. She could've gone through with the marriage and lived happily ever after (if for a short while). But it's with a heavy heart that she does what's best for Clarence for the both of them.
  • “Puff’s Magic Adventure” when Puff goes missing and Suga Mama is outright devastated. What’s worse is that it’s all Penny, Oscar and Trudy’s fault!

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