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Tear Jerker / The Little Rascals

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Original series

  • Small Talk (1929): A tearful Farina thinks that no one wants to adopt him.
  • Teacher's Pet (1930): Jackie Cooper shows genuine shame after his plans backfire and Miss Crabtree kicks him out of the classroom.
  • Helping Grandma and Fly My Kite (both 1931): The Rascals' adopted grandma (Margaret Mann) is pushed around by a mean-spirited adult in both films. Seeing the kids with tears in their eyes as they witness Grandma getting bullied by her own son-in-law is enough to break anyone's heart.
  • Dogs Is Dogs (1931): The overall premise is rather sad. The most heartbreaking moment is when Wheezer cries after being abused by his stepmother while Pete the Pup looks on with tears in his eyes!
  • The Pooch (1932): Stymie begins to cry when he is told that Petey is dead.
  • For Pete's Sake! (1934): The kids are forced to give up Pete the Pup in order to pay for a doll.
    Wally: "No matter what happens, Pete, you're still our dog."
  • The Civil War-themed General Spanky (1936): A tearful Buckwheat is left alone after his slave group is forced to depart without him. What's more, he fears being shot as a runaway slave!
  • Dad For A Day (1939): The gang all talk about the father-son picnic coming up and while chanting and cheering for their dads, Mickey starts getting upset and starts crying due to having no father of his own.

1994 movie

  • The scene following Alfalfa and Spanky break up their friendship, where the rest of the gang are depressed. Accompanied by Rosanne Cash's cover of Linda Ronstadt's "Love Has No Pride".