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Tear Jerker / The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning

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  • Triton watching the death of his beloved queen in a pirate attack, followed by him throwing away the music box far into the sea (which Sebastian secretly witnessed).
  • Life isn't fun without music, even with many, many years to pass by.
  • Sebastian getting arrested.
  • Triton lying down all sad with a statue of him and Athena in the background.
    • Ariel does the exact same thing in her room, and decides to slip out as a piano version of the music box tune plays.
  • Ariel finding the music box and remembering her mother.
    Sebastian: When your mother died, the whole kingdom was heartbroken. The heart that never healed... was your father's.
    Ariel: It's so sad... He's forgotten what it's like to be happy.
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  • Triton's heartbroken singing when he thinks Ariel is dead and cradles her in his arms.
  • The line that makes Triton realise that, maybe, things are a bit wrong:
    Ariel: I may not remember my mother... but I know she wouldn't have wanted this!

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