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Tear Jerker / The Laughing Salesman

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Considering this series is about a Traveling Salesman going around Japan screwing people over with his deals, it's a 100% guarantee that there will be sad moments.

In General

  • Moguro ruining the lives of people who have a perfect life by exploiting a minor flaw in their life and exaggerating it until it ruins them.



Episode 1: "Daydream" / "Make A Budget And Stick To It"
  • Because of the way her co-workers talks about her, Takashima makes herself feel better by shopping, but all the shopping she does causes her financial problems. Because of this, she has to sacrifice her food and electricity to pay for her credit card bills. Moguro gives her an unlimited credit card, with the catch that anything purchased with the card will be repossessed the next day, to help her feel the pleasure of shopping without losing money. She unfortunately misused the card by using it for beauty treatments, which helps with her self-esteem, but it came with the cost of making her old, fat, and ugly.
    • Takashima's co-workers are just horrible people. Not only do they talk badly about her, but they also try to convince their supervisor to get her fired. It's no wonder why she's driven to go shopping all the time.

Episode 6: "I’ll Lease This Monster" / "Tonight’s Another Awesome Night"

  • Udo is a large man who, despite having a body that can be used in athletics or manual laborer, just wants to be an actor to support his family and it's his dream. His tries to be an extra in a movie but his size fills up the screen. Moguro helps him by giving him a monster mask and being his agent which makes him very successful. When Udo's previous agent convinces him to cut ties with Moguro can come back to him, Moguro decides to permanently make the monster mask stuck to his face causing him to go mad to the point that he destroys the movie set and beats up his agent and the director. After this incident, there's no doubt that he'll never do acting again.

Episode 10: "The Person in the Acquired Film" / "Fake Grandchild"

  • Oite Kazuhito's story starts out with one during Moguro's opening narration. Upon coming home from work after retiring and bringing home a dozen roses for his wife, she is instead waiting for him with a divorce application. Oite drops the flowers and his retirement souvenir as his daughter carries his granddaughter away and leads his now ex-wife out of his apartment and he can only watch them leave with a blank face of resignation.
    • The rest of the episode also does a good job of showing just how lonely he is without the rest of his family. It's no wonder that he grew attached to his new "grandson" as easily as he did.

Alternative Title(s): Laughing Salesman


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