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Tear Jerker / The Killers

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Though most of their songs by this indie rock band are pretty upbeat, there are a few here and there that can trigger the tears.

  • "Goodnight, Travel Well" is a notable example, in that the lead guitarist recorded it after his mother died of cancer. And then, over a year after the album came out, the songwriter Brandon Flower's mother died of brain cancer as well.
    "Everything you loved, and every time you try,
    Everybody's watching, everybody cry.
    Stay, don't leave me, the stars can wait for your sign, don't signal now."
    • "A Dustland Fairytale" definitely counts, since Brandon Flowers wrote it for his mother after learning of her diagnosis. Even though it's about his parents and the early years of their romance, the first half of the last verse especially hit hard:
    "Now Cinderella, don't you go to sleep,
    It's such a bitter form of refuge,
    Now don't you know the kingdom's under siege,
    And everybody needs you?"
  • "Read My Mind" is very powerful, and is Brandon's favorite song that he's made.
  • One might tear up upon hearing "Mr. Brightside", which is pretty angtsy in itself — especially upon listening to the song after saying many sad goodbyes to a bunch of really good friends who are graduating high school.
    • Especially when you consider that Brandon wrote the lyrics during a deep depression after finding out that his girlfriend was cheating on him. He's even said that this song is what saved him.
  • The music video for "A Dustland Fairytale" is both a tearjerker AND a CMOA for The Killers. As is the song itself.
    "Will your system be alright
    When you dream of home tonight?"
  • Then there is their rendition on Dire Straits' "Romeo and Juliet". See under Dire Straits in TearJerker.Rock Music for more info.
  • "Tidal Wave" is a tearjerker of heartwarming variety.
  • "Why Do I Keep Counting?" is all about a suicidal man begging for help. The ending lyrics are especially rough for anyone who's suffered from severe mental illness.
    "If I only knew the answer
    If I change my way of living
    And if I pave my streets with good times
    Will the mountain keep on giving?
    And if all of our days are numbered
    Then why do I keep counting?"
  • The climax and coda of "Andy You're A Star" with the chorus singing in the background is such an uplifting feeling from the rough and rugged guitar lick repeated during the first two verses. You can't help but feel moved and teary-eyed at that moment.
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  • "Believe Me Natalie", anyone?
  • "Human", despite having a very upbeat... beat, can be pretty depressing at times.
    "Give my respects to grace and virtue,
    Give my condolences to good"
  • "Battle Born" somehow manages to turn Determinator and Dare to Be Badass - two of the most epic tropes in history - into a tearjerker thanks to Flowers' impassioned voice:
    Up against the wall
    There's something dying on the street
    When you get knocked down
    You're gonna get back on your feet
    • "You're gonna get back on your feet." The song is pretty much about a character who has had all of the idealism beaten out of them. The narrator tells them that recovering from this is not a case of "if" they gather their resolve and push forward toward their dreams, but when.
  • The Abbey Road version of Sam's Town. An originally upbeat and energetic song is turned into something far more melancholy and more than vaguely reminiscient of failure.
  • "Spaceman". Despite being an upbeat song, the lyrics can be interpreted as the condition of a suicidal depressed person.
  • "Everything Will Be Alright" is a spacey and almost whimsical tune that closes out Hot Fuss, but the combined emotion of Brandon Flowers' voice and the precious lyrics are a heartwarming affirmation of love... or maybe they're about being willing to let someone you love go? Either way, my eyes are a bit moist.
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  • "The Ballad of Michael Valentine" is a confounding amalgam of friendly adventures and heartbreaking goodbyes.
    So I broke to the right and I caught your eye
    Shut your mouth and wave goodbye
    Tonight, I won't let you rain on this parade
  • These lyrics of Smile Like You Mean It can have a bold impact on people who have left others behind or have been left behind.
    And someone is calling my name
    From the back of the restaurant
    And someone is playing a game
    In the house that I grew up in
    And someone will drive her around
    Down the same streets that I did
    Down the same streets that I did
  • Runaways, the second track from Battle Born, has a driving, upbeat rhythm and some soaring lyrics... until you listen to the words and realise the song is about a young couple who ran away to get married when the girl got pregnant ("We got engaged on a Friday night/I swore on the head of our unborn child/that I could take care of the three of us/But I got the tendency to slip when the nights get wild") only for things to fall apart until the singer constantly fights with his wife ("We used to laugh, now we only fight"), barely sees his daughter ("At night I come home after they go to sleep/Like a stumbling ghost, I haunt these halls/There's a picture of us on our wedding day/I recognize the girl but I can't settle in these walls") and is contemplating running away again and abandoning his family. It's profoundly sad, magnified by the Lyrical Dissonance.
  • "Miss Atomic Bomb" qualifies because it expresses the anguish and feelings that the singer still has for the subject of "Mr. Brightside"
    • The videoclip implies that the cheating was really just in Mr. Brightside's head, meaning that he let the love of his life go because of unfounded jealousy. Even worse, the ending suggests that he never saw her again and had to live with the regret of his decision for many years.
  • Despite "Don't Shoot Me Santa" being an awesome and goofy Christmas song, it's still sad due to Brandon's pleading vocals towards Santa begging him not to shoot him.
    • What's worse is this line: "just look the other way and I'll disappear forever"
  • Just Another Girl. A song that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of not being able to move on from a breakup- or just wanting to grieve for someone a little while longer.
    Well, maybe all of my friends should confront
    The fact that I don’t want
    Another girl


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