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Tear Jerker / The Joker

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Even if he hates to admit it, sometimes the Joker hates being the clown at midnight.

  • If The Killing Joke is anything to go by, the Joker used to be a really desperate man just trying to support his pregnant wife. He already seemed timid and a little unstable but her death along with an accidental fall into a pit of acid was enough for the poor man to snap. Because of this, he believes that it only takes one bad day for someone to go insane. He bases his entire moral code (or lack thereof) on this, so in a twisted way it's almost sad when he's proven wrong.
    • The most painful scene is when Batman makes a genuine offer to help The Joker get better, and Mr. J seems to seriously, honestly, consider accepting, then sadly declines because he thinks it's too late. Think about that a second - Batman, considered the harshest and most unforgiving member of the JLA, offers the Joker redemption. CMOH and Tearjerker, with zero narm.
  • In a similar vein, Season 2 of Batman: The Telltale Series showcases this in action twice over.
    • First, in Episode 4 during the Villain!Joker path, it was being betrayed and abandoned by Bruce, John's best friend, that pushes him into becoming the villain we know him as.
    • Alternatively, Episode 5 during the Vigilante!Joker path shows Joker doing his level best to be a hero, but he's a Hero with an F in Good, eventually cracking when he gets surrounded by members of The Agency, slaughtering them brutally in self-defense before turning on Batman - his best friend at this point - because Batman's willing to defend even "criminals" like Amanda Waller.
  • After his death in Arkham City (which is kinda sad enough), it's heartbreaking to hear the Joker leave a message for Batman (the player) during the credits. And what is this message from beyond the grave? Just him... singing "Only You" out of appreciation? Even if it's funny at first, the song becomes hauntingly sad until the end when his last chuckle starts to sound like a sob. It's almost like he knew ahead of time that he wasn't going to make it out alive and wanted to leave Batman something to remember him by. Ouch.
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  • His Dark Reprise of ''I'm Laughing''. In "Only You" it's implied that he's sad, but in here he's outright admitting that he's not laughing and is stuck in Batman's mind. He's practically mourning his own death. AND it has been revealed that he's now eternally wallowing in his biggest fear: being forgotten by the world. If you ever wanted to hear the Joker openly cry, this song is it. Keep in mind that he sounds worse than he did when he was sick in Arkham City. Ouch.
    "I'm stuck in his head and not laughing... I'd be better off dead, and I'm not laughing... I begged and I pled, but he stopped me laughing..."
  • His death in Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker. Tim Drake, whom he corrupted to be just like a child-version of him, shoots Joker instead of Batman, when Joker asks Tim to kill him. Despite all the torture Joker puts on Tim, it seems that he genuinely saw Tim as his successor in the end, and is actually heartbroken when Tim shoots him instead, deeming this to be "not funny". Doesn't help with Tim crying about this afterwards.
    "That's not funny. That's not... [Dies]"


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