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Tear Jerker / The Grey

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  • Ottway placing all the wallets of the deceased in a pile before his Last Stand, looking inside each to get a glimpse of their loved ones. It really hits a tender chord when he looks at Diaz' wallet, just to find (as he proclaimed) he has no pictures of loved ones, only his driver's license. When Ottway finally reaches his own, flipping to a picture he has of his dead wife, you're going to shed many manly tears.
    • And then, when he recites the poem one last time in his head as he prepares himself for his Last Stand.
  • The last thing Talget sees before he dies is his daughter moving her long hair across his face as he described to the guys earlier.
  • While it is a bit predictable, finding out that Ottway's wife has been Dead All Along is still deeply saddening, especially after really connecting to Ottway by that point. Then, you realize what Liam Neeson has been through in real life.
  • Ottway's Rage Against the Heavens moment after Hendrick drowns, leaving him all alone as the last survivor. You can feel the culmination of all of his rage, heartbreak, desperation, and frustration as he curses at God, demanding a sign that He exists and isn't carelessly cruel. He doesn't get one, and we can only watch as he slides right over the Despair Event Horizon.
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  • Almost every death managed to be tear jerking.

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