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Tear Jerker / The Good Doctor

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You'll do the same when you find out what happened here...

The Good Doctor is from the same showrunner of House. So you already have an idea of what to expect...

WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

Season 1

  • The flashbacks in the pilot episode show that Shaun did not have a happy childhood. He was viciously bullied at school, had an abusive father who killed his pet rabbit, and he watched his younger brother Steve, the only person who showed any kindness towards Shaun, die right in front him.
  • In "Pipes", there's a flashback to a girl named Colleen pretending to like Shaun so she can humiliate him, and a bunch of jackals disguised on children pile on. Colleen takes the extra step of lying that he was falling for her ploy to get him to show her his penis, because she has no soul. Steve intervenes, but it's brutal for anyone who's been in a similar situation.
  • Everything about "Point Three Percent". If you remember, Shaun became a surgeon because he wanted to prevent people from losing others like he lost his brother. In this episode, he encounters a young patient with cancer who looks just like Steve. For the first time ever, Shaun actually goes too far trying to find a way to save him due to him projecting his brother onto the patient to the point he's actually wrong. The patient does have cancer and nothing can be done to save him. This is heartbreaking on so many levels, and Shaun gets rightfully slammed down this time by even Glassman for giving the child and his family false hope as it's incredibly cruel to do so. Glassman's right, of course, but Shaun's situation isn't much better. This is what he's worked up to his entire life, and when he finally thinks he's got it and can solve everything he comes across (fueled by his previous successes), he's still just as helpless as he was back then. He can't save everyone.
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  • This conversation between Shaun and Glassman at the end of "Not Fake":
    Shaun: I loved Steve and my rabbit.
    Glassman: You don't love them anymore?
    Shaun: No. They're dead. You can't love something that's dead.
  • In "Sacrifice", Shaun's meltdown and Glassman's reaction after Shaun hits him and runs out of the hospital.
  • At the end of "Islands Part Two", Jenny's heart fails despite her being connected to Katie. Katie's reaction is just heartbreaking. She then refuses to be separated from Jenny, even though she'll die if she isn't. Her mother convinces her to do it, but that scene is very sad as well.
    Ms. Kunkler: I want you to look at your sister. I can't lose both of my daughters.
  • At the end of "Seven Reasons", Shaun tells Glassman he is in need of a friend, and Glassman reluctantly tells him that he feels he can't be a "friend" after their agreement that Glassman would give him some space and let him make his own decisions. Glassman states that he can't help but act as a father figure if he is close to Shaun. Shaun leaves the room in tears, and the two barely speak to each other for the next few episodes.
  • In "Pain", Andrews' patient dies from an infection. The worst part is that her death was probably avoidable, but she refused the proper treatment at first because of a miscommunication with her husband.
    • Breeze, Claire's shitty mom, shows up, supposedly wanting to reconnect. She is better, apparently, being on mood stabilizers, but then when Claire relents and has coffee with her, it turns out Mommy Dearest wants help with rent, to the tune of $2,500. Claire just writes Breeze a check and walks away in tears.
  • Shaun brings a pizza for Kenny (who had earlier "borrowed" some milk from him), only for Kenny to dismiss him, at the end of "Smile."
    • The episode ends with Glassman showing signs of a serious medical problem (during a date with his Love Interest Debbie, just to rub salt into the wound), which eventually turns out to be cancer.

Season 2

  • The ending of "Middle Ground":
    • Paul dies from post-surgical complications. His family grieves heavily and blames themselves for telling him to get the surgery. Shaun lies to make them feel a little better, but it's still a heart-wrenching scene.
    • Shaun explains why he's been avoiding Lea: When she left, it hurt him greatly, and he's afraid that if she stays, then she'll eventually leave again and he'll be hurt again. Shaun then starts yelling at her to go back to Hershey, and they both start crying before Shaun leaves.
  • In "Tough Titmouse", Glassman hallucinates his dead daughter Maddie. It starts out as a sweet reunion, but Maddie starts blaming her father for her death and calling him neglectful. Glassman then says that she isn't any better and when he was around, she wouldn't talk to him.
  • The Patient of the Week in "Hubert" is Claire's college roommate, who's been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 ovarian cancer. She insists that Claire go on a date with her husband. It's very sad to see her so desperately trying to make sure everyone will be happy after she's gone.
  • After beginning radiation treatment, Glassman starts experiencing memory loss. It starts with him forgetting where his wallet is, but it gets so bad that he forgets Steve's name.
  • The Walk of Honor scene in "Faces." It's a heartfelt move by the hospital, but it's also a tear-inducing one as well.
  • "Believe": Han still refuses to transfer Shaun back to Surgery, and the episode ends with a forlorn Shaun watching his friends and co-workers operate on a patient. It serves to show just how big of a douchebag Han is.
  • "Breakdown": Shaun takes a stand against Han, going to his office and demanding his job back. Han, as usual, still refuses, so Shaun says he's not leaving until Han relents. An adamant Han tells Shaun he'll fire him and even threatens to call security, and Shaun has a meltdown, shouting repeatedly that he is a surgeon. Han clearly makes good on his threat to fire Shaun, as Shaun is next seen clearing out his locker. He then ends up dropping all of his belongings and breaks his toy scalpel, the one that Steve gave him years ago. Claire then finds him and wordlessly helps pick up his things. Han, you Jerkass.

Season 3

  • The Sudden Downer Ending from "Claire" which has Claire all happy that she successfully lead her first surgery, only to find out that her mother just died in a drunk driving accident.
  • "Friends and Family": Immediately after Shaun forgives his father Ethan, Ethan calls Shaun weak and blames him for Steve's death. Shaun leaves crying, and his father dies a few hours later. Shaun then has a breakdown in his motel room. The only positive thing is that Lea is there to comfort him.
  • In the final scene of "Unsaid", Carly breaks up with Shaun. When Shaun questions the reason, Carly gives her an answer that leaves him shaken: earlier, when she saw him and Lea interacting at karaoke, it became terribly obvious to her that the two love each other... and that they don't even realize it. Shaun desperately tries to deny it, in vain.
  • In "Autopsy", Shaun is finally forced to admit to himself that he loves Lea, and is terrified to think that she may not feel the same way about him, which would ruin their friendship. At the end of the episode, he finally decides to confess his feelings to her. The result of their conversation... is not good.
  • In "Fixation", Shaun desperately tries to convince Lea to give him a chance to be her boyfriend for the entire episode. Unfortunately, he does it in the worst possible way, that makes him look like a stalker. The situation reached its climax in the final scene, when Shaun cornered Lea at the end of a night's work and said he could fix the situation. This seems to be the last straw for Lea, who says she doesn't need to be fixed, and says harshly to Shaun that both his autism and her troubled personality can never change. Shaun is devastated and leaves silently and alone to his house.
  • In "Heartbreak," Shaun acting like a Jerkass towards Claire and Melendez in the aftermath of Lea's rejection of him at the end of the previous episode. Just watching one of the nicest characters in the entire show behave like that is heart-wrenching.
    • And in the end, Shaun prepares to demolish Lea's car with a baseball bat, having watched the scorned girlfriend of a Patient of the Week do the same to her cheating boyfriend's car, when Lea shows up and asks what he's doing. He honestly states his intentions but can't go through with bashing up his friend's car, so instead, he drops the bat and tearfully blasts Lea with one hell of a "Reason You Suck" Speech before walking off, leaving Lea in tears.
      Shaun: You acted like you cared about me. But you don't even respect me. You're flaky, and...and you can't keep a boyfriend. And you can't keep a job. And no one likes you. And...and you're going to end up alone, and you deserve it! Because you're a superficial, selfish, and prejudiced person!
    • Here's a point that makes it worse: Lea's car is what the two of them drove on their road trip in back in Season 1's "Islands" two-parter, and where Lea taught Shaun how to drive in Season 2. It's a symbol of their friendship which, by now, has completely sundered.
  • "I Love You"... My God, where do we start?
    • With Andrews and Glassman engaged in other surgeries, Morgan is forced to act alone and saves the life of a pregnant woman in surgery, even though her hands have recently been operated on. Unfortunately, she ends up damaging her joints, which means that she will never be able to perform surgery for the rest of her life. Keep in mind that the whole reason she had the surgery was so she could continue her career despite her arthritis. Not only is that ruined, but her hands will be permanently disfigured in 10 years. All for Nothing.
    • After spending two episodes desperately trying to save a badly injured boy (who's the same age as Park's son) during the earthquake, Park realizes with horror that there is nothing more to do and that the boy will die. He spends the boy's last moments by his side, and he ends up confusing him with his father before he dies. The experience is so traumatic that at the end of the episode, Park decides that he will leave the city and have more contact with his family.
    • Melendez learns that his internal injuries from the earthquake are too serious and that he will die. Depressed but accepting his death with dignity, Melendez still has time to say goodbye to his mentor Glassman, his ex-girlfriend Lim, and Claire, who declares love to him before he dies.
    • After 40 minutes of tragedies and bitterness for the rest of the cast, it is impossible not to be moved by the happy ending of Shaun and Lea, who after this traumatic experience, decide not to waste another moment and become a couple.


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