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Tear Jerker / The Goldbergs

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  • Adam admitting to his dad that he's afraid that they'll be like his dad and grandfather when Adam grows up, never seeing each other or talking despite only living a mile apart.
  • Almost everything about Murray's distant relationship with his own father can be a tear jerker, but the episode where he realises that he's been acting exactly like his dad by calling Adam's dreams stupid and trying to convince him to give them up is a big one, especially when he calls his dad out on how he could have supported him because he was just a kid and proceeds to buy Adam the ticket to go to space camp. He still thinks the dream is stupid, but he refuses to be like his dad and crush them.
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  • Adam finally plucks up the courage to tell Dana that he loves her, and she says it back. Only to then reveal that her dad's been offered a job in Seattle and they're going there for the summer to see if they like it.

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