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Tear Jerker / The Favourite

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Olivia Colman can really tug your heartstrings.

  • Anne tells Abigail that she lost seventeen children with visible tears in her eyes and a shaky smile as she says each bunny is named after her dead child.
  • Anne watches Sarah and Lord Masham dance at a party, the Queen's lighthearted expression fading slowly into one of envy, heartbreak and loneliness. She briefly attempts to fake a smile, fails, and demands that the music stop.
  • Anne has a breakdown as she staggers through the hallways of her palace, disoriented and sobbing hysterically. She snatches a baby from the arms of a servant and holds it to her breast, doting on it as though it's her own before it's snatched back. It really shows how much Anne has lost.
  • The musicians who are playing in the courtyard when Anne suddenly screams at them and demands they stop playing and leave. They look so panicked and confused...
  • Anne's reaction when she realizes Sarah is not in her castle, having been poisoned by Abigail. She screams at the footman to find Sarah, then fears the following day that wolves have eaten her. Although Sarah really in a brothel and remains there until Godolphin finds her.
    • "Everything hurts. Everyone leaves me, dies. Finally her."
  • Anne waiting for Sarah's letter, alternating between hope and despair. Made more heartbreaking by the fact that the letter *does* come, but gets destroyed by Abigail, and Anne never reconciles with Sarah.

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