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Tear Jerker / The Dusk Guard Saga

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Spoilers Off applies to all Tear Jerker pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!


  • Hunter's grief as he comes to his late love's grave.

Beyond the Borderlands

  • All of the main characters' backstories have elements of this:
    • Blade is trying to make up for her actions in the previous book.
    • Hain being exiled due a choice he made to save his kin.
    • Alchemy's life is dependant on a expensive potion that while makes him stronger and faster than any normal pony, it has cost him his Earth Pony magic as well as several years of his life.
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    • Frost and Barnabas lost their family thanks to the Cult of the Red Horn and have to depend on one another.
  • Barnabas' death and Frost trying to cope with losing her brother.
  • Alchemy's death and journey to the afterlife. He finds all those he had know who had died before him, including the aforementioned Barnabas. Somewhat of a Heartwarming moment too that all of them are there to greet him. Fortunately, he get's better.

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