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Tear Jerker / The Dreamer

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  • The death of Thomas Knowlton definitely counts.
  • Alan's letter. The beautiful writing, the tragic, regretful tone, interspersed with scenes of the fighting at Harlem Heights and Nathan's mission, not to mention Bea's reaction to reading it, will tug at anyone's heart strings. Not to mention, those who are familiar with Knowlton's death and how Nathan's mission ended know these are some of the last moments we'll see either of them alive.
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  • The entirety of Chapter 16 will have even the most stoic reader in tears and blubbering in a corner by the time they've finished reading it.
  • The flash-back of 10-year-old little Alan crying over his cousin's mean remark.
    Alan: Jack said that you were his mother, not mine, and my mum was dead and I couldn't get another one, but I certainly couldn't have his!

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