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Tear Jerker / The Deer Hunter

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  • Two symbolical scenes: At first, Mike shoots a deer. But after the war, he's unable to kill a living being.
  • The Russian roulette scene.
  • Steve, who doesn't want to come back home to live with his wife.
  • Nick being unable to remember his parents' names.
  • The uneasy relationship between Linda and Mike (Mike loved her since the beginning, and Linda starts to love Mike in the end).
  • Mike returning to his hometown and deciding to drive to the hotel (despite everybody's waiting to invite him).
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  • Mike visiting the paralyzed Steve in hospital. Robert De Niro cited this as the most emotional scene that he was ever involved with. He even broke down in tears when discussing it at his AFI tribute.
  • The apogee: Mike plays roulette with Nick after the war.
  • The ending meal, followed by credits.


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