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Tear Jerker / The Dark Tower

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  • Roland and Jake's reunion towards the beginning of the final book: Roland holds out his arms for Jake's embrace. Jake notes that this is something he's always dreamed about. He asks Roland if he can call him father, and Roland gladly accepts.
  • The redemption of Father Callahan. His faith is stronger than ever as he holds his own against the Low Men and Grandfathers. He sacrifices himself for the greater good while at peace with himself.
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  • Roland's reaction to Susannah's decision to leave. She asks Oy to come with her too, but he decides to stay with Roland.
    "There," she said. 'You have your own glammer, don't you? Always did. You drew Eddie on to one death, and Jake to a pair of 'em. Now Patrick, and even the bumbler. Are you happy?"
    "No," said he, and she saw he truly was not. She believed she had never seen such sadness and such loneliness on a human face. "Never was I farther from happy, Susannah of New York. Will you change your mind and stay? Will thee come the last little while with me? That would make me happy."
  • Jake's deaths, and especially Oy's depression after the final one.
    • And Roland completely misses his chance to say goodbye due to having to deal with Stephen King and the driver. One of Jake's dying words to Irene is to tell Roland that he loves him.
    • Jake's Eulogy is heartbreaking. Roland is not religious, but his prayer is beautiful. The twist of the knife is that this is a prayer he learned from Cuthbert the day before he died.
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  • And Oy's death. This line in particular:
    The body was far smaller than the heart it had held.
  • Eddie Dean's death.
    • As he's dying, he thanks Roland for giving him a second chance in life, and calls him Father.
  • The breaking of the ka-tet, every single bit, in The Dark Tower. There's no one bit that's worse than any other — after seven books, after loving these (sometimes flawed, sometimes inconsistent) characters, the end is sad, not least because it's the end least, in a way.
  • Roland telling Suasannah about the last bit of Gabrielle's letter to him.
    'I forgive you everything. Can you forgive me?'
  • Father Callahan, after being lured into an office high in a skyscraper by vampires who want to turn him (AND give him AIDS), leaps to this death by crashing through the office's window. As he's falling, he looks down at his feet and sees his new dress shoes. He notes that he only got to wear the new shoes and suit he bought for the occasion once. This ends up being his last thought.

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