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Tear Jerker / The Chipmunk Adventure

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  • The Chipettes singing "My Mother" FULL STOP. And this is before they were adopted. It's a shocking reminder that they don't often have in the show. All of the main characters are orphans.
  • The baby penguin needing his mother badly. He would have died if Brittany hadn't changed her mind.
  • The Chipettes discovering that the entire race was a trick; you can just see the fear on Brittany's face when she realizes that their friends are still out there and in danger.
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  • Theodore about to be sacrificed. Alvin and Theodore unsuccessfully try to rescue him, and only out of sheer luck do the Chipettes save them.
  • Alvin's hat falls off as the kids are being kidnapped. Cue Alvin screaming for help and Dave's Adult Fear.
    Alvin: Dave! HELP!
    (The car carrying Alvin drives off as Dave runs out onto the road horrified)
    Dave: Somebody! Help! My son's in trouble!


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