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Tear Jerker / The Bourne Supremacy

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  • The moment where Jason desperately tries to revive Marie after she's been shot. Afterwards, he burns her passport and pictures, except for one.
    • During the car chase which leads to Marie's death, Jason claims that they do not have a choice in being on the run again. Marie claims that he does, before she is shot. That choice was robbed from his fingers the moment that happened.
  • The interrogation of Nicky. It doesn't end well, with Jason preparing to shoot her. This just shows how far he has fallen when it came to losing the one he loved. Thank god he didn't do it.
  • Jason's apology to Irena Neski, finally allowing her to know the truth about her parents' murder-suicide: Jason killed them for his first mission in Treadstone. This line in particular sells the difficulty that Jason is facing in his apology, as he is trying not to cry:
    Jason: It changes things, that knowledge. Doesn't it? When what you love gets taken from you, you wanna know the truth.


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