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Tear Jerker / The Boss Baby

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  • The scene after Tim discover Boss Baby’s secret Boss Baby lays into Tim; reminding him that his grades are average, taunting him about not being able to ride without training wheels, before finally telling him that his parents won’t love him that he’s taking his place.
    • If you believe that the movie is his daydream then these are all of Tim’s insecurities being verbalized.
  • While it’s understandable as a baby needs a lot of attention it’s still sad to see Tim being ignored in favor of Boss Baby. More so when we see him waiting for his parents to come say good night and he just finds them asleep.
  • Tim and the Boss Baby are trying to get to Las Vegas to stop the head of PuppyCo, but have missed their flight. Both blame each other for their problems, culminating in a great big fight in which Tim tells the Boss Baby that he wishes he'd never been born. The Boss Baby leaves and Tim sits alone, singing the "Blackbird" song to himself that was his parents' special bedtime song to him, but barely able to keep himself from sobbing.
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  • Early on in the film Boss Baby talks about how there's only so much love in the world, using a sliding bead toy. Towards the end when Tim realises that he misses Boss Baby and wants him back, he writes to Boss Baby and says that if there's not enough love for all of them, Boss Baby can have all his love. Then Boss Baby opens the box that came with the envelope and many, many beads pour out of it. A Tear Jerker, but one that warms your heart instead of being really sad.
  • It's rather sad to see Tim crying over being grounded and calling the Boss Baby out for him trying to take everything for himself, including his parents.
    Tim: You don't even know their names! You're just trying to steal them from me. You stole everything! You're the one who should be in jail!
  • Even Francis E. Francis had it rough in his backstory. He was basically replaced and fired from Baby Corp for something that was beyond his control, which was why he wanted revenge on it in present day.

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