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Tear Jerker / The Big O

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  • When Dorothy loses her sweet innocent pet kitten. The kitten used to be a little boy.
  • The end of Episode 10 has a pretty major one. Throughout the episode, Dastun has flashbacks to the movie he watched as a child, of the man who shoots the woman he loves at a pier. At one point, he even sees apparently the same woman holding a red balloon. At the climax of the episode, he confronts her at the pier in a real Generation Xerox moment, and re-enacts the final scene of the movie. Then at the very end, there is one final flashback, of Dastun as a child watching the movie, with a young Sybil Rowan, who is holding a red balloon.
    • And toward the end of season 2, when reality itself seems to be falling to pieces, Dastun comes across a poster for the movie, advertising Dan Dastun as the male lead—and then he promptly runs into the child versions of Sybil and himself. Which means that, as a child, he watched a movie that he had already starred in as an adult, and then later plays out a real life version of a scene from said movie with a woman who may or not have been the actress from the film. I don't think I've ever known something to be so tear jerky and mind screwy at the same time.
  • Dastun's general sense of weakness and failure throughout Season 2. He's a Badass Normal in a world of Giant Robots, constantly witnessing the deaths of his men and his own powerlessness to protect the city. It culminates in his rebellion in the final episode where he can't even scratch the bad guy, and the troops who followed him are all wiped out.
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  • "Dorothy, since you've come to live here, I feel like I've known you forever."
  • The ED "And Forever...".

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