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Tear Jerker / The Best Years of Our Lives

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  • The scene with Homer returning home, where his own mother gasps in horror upon seeing his metal hooks. And Homer flashes a pained expression across his face...
  • A real life example: The man who played Homer went bankrupt after this movie and ended up having to sell his Oscars.note 
  • Towards the end, as Fred finds himself in the bombers' graveyard, row upon row of rusting hulks no longer needed with the war over, symbolizing his own worthlessness as a war hero with nowhere else to go. When he crawls into one wreck to relive yet another flashback, you're crying for him. Subverted when he's discovered by a guy overseeing that graveyard who's starting a project to break the hulks down into metal housing for the families of returning war vets. Fred finds out they're hiring.

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