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Tear Jerker / The Annobyn Universe

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  • Jerry's death serves as the biggest tearjerker, possibly in the entire game. Being the first victim of The Darkness, he's killed in particularly brutal fashion and left to hang from the rafters in the middle of a Christmas masquerade ball. Freddie goes into shock, and Travis is reduced to a sobbing wreck. Even out of character, everybody around at the time admitted to tearing up a little.
    • Particularly impressive on his writer's part because Jerry had been intentionally written as completely unsympathetic prior to this happening.
  • Zara's miscarriage is amazing for the sheer number of horribly depressing things going on all at once. Over the course of that one day, Svet attempts to come onto Jason right as Rissa finally admits to liking him in another conversation (after having had a painfully awkward Cannot Spit It Out moment the previous night, standing in the doorway). Bully finds out, walks in on his sister attempting to get with his best friend, flies into a rage, and hits her. As she's running off, Rissa calls him to let him know Zara's in the hospital, where she's miscarried her child with Bully, who she's about four months pregnant with at this point. Her parents are called to the hospital, and this is the first either of them find out about her pregnancy. The Leroys fight about what caused the situation, and Ana storms out of the hospital. Watching Bully try to comfort Zara while she's convinced that everything going wrong that day was completely her fault and she's failed is heartbreaking.
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  • Lanie and Adam running away from home, and their goodbyes to Ren and Boone.
  • Jason and Rissa finally coming clean about their feelings for each other, because it's immediately followed by the depressing realization that there's nothing they can do to act on those feelings without ultimately winding up devastated once she's set back up in an arranged engagement again. The conversation then goes from a Tear Jerker to a Funny Moment to a completely adorable Heartwarming Moment in a matter of about three minutes, as (after a brief headbutt-related misstep) they decide to say "screw it" and go for it anyway.

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