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Tear Jerker / The Angry Joe Show

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  • When Joe says Sonic Free Riders looks like fun in his Kinect hardware review, only to pan it and give it a 1 out of 10 in his following review.
  • His reaction and review to Aliens: Colonial Marines is one due to how hyped he has been for the game and you can hear the disappointment in the tone of his voice and see it on his face during the review.
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us gave him one thanks to the story. Joe loves Superman, but he also has a soft spot for Shazam, so Joe's face as he watches Regime!Supes kill Regime!Shazam is just heartbreaking.
  • His rant about the copyright marks against his most successful views is wholly justified.
    • Looks like an enormous amount of his videos on Blip have disappeared too…tragic.
  • His reaction to the opening of The Last of Us. He just sat there, barely holding back his tears.
  • Joe praising the Wii U for having a good 2014 in his Best Game Of 2014 video, only for his first Nintendo Angry Rant being uploaded to YouTube a few days later, making it a case of Harsher in Hindsight.
  • His final Angry Rant over Nintendo's aggressive copyright claims, considering it really appears obvious that he has enjoyed playing his new Wii U and games and is rightfully sad that his displeasure with the company's practices means he won't get to share them.


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