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Tear Jerker / The All-American Rejects

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This power-pop group has written plenty of emotional songs.

  • "Swing, Swing," the song that made them famous, is about as shamelessly melodramatic as a 2000s emo song can get, and all the better for anyone going through a difficult breakup.
  • "Dirty Little Secret". The song itself is emotional, with a chorus far from the standard love-song drivel: "Tell me all that you've thrown away/Find out games you don't wanna play/You are the only one that needs to know..." But once you see the video and everyone holding post cards up to the camera (with secrets varying from "I have more body hair than any woman should" to "I had gay sex at church camp" to "I only love two of my children"), you'll be bawling. Or at least having soul pains from the fact that the secrets are real, even if the people are actors.
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  • "It Ends Tonight"
    Just a little insight
    won't make this right
    It's too late to fight
    It ends tonight
  • "Straightjacket Feeling"
    Today I'm fine without you
    Run away this time without you
    And all the things you put me through
    I'm holding on by letting go of you
  • "Another Heart Calls"
    Tyson: I'm sorry
    Allison: So what?
    Tyson: But you don't think I've said enough
    I'm sorry
    Allison: I don't care!
    You were never there!
  • "Breakin"
    In a clear view there's a silhouette
    And I watch you and I can't forget
    Knew we were done when I locked that door
    Yeah I figured it out now
    Breaking's what your heart is for
  • "Believe" is this and heartwarming.
    I don't ever wanna believe
    No I don't ever wanna believe, yeah
    that when we die
    that we all leave
    I don't ever wanna let go
    I hope that you see, yeah
    that there's a part of you that's left inside of me
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  • "Heartbeat Slowing Down"
    I fucking hate this town
    I wanna burn it down
    I never felt so cold
    And when I burn this town
    I hope I burn it down
    and leave me on my own
  • "Drown Next to Me" is mostly heartwarming, but the dark metaphors put it in this section.
    I walk in the water 'cause I can hardly breathe
    We can leave the ones who love us
    You’re all I ever need
    We’ll tell each other lies
    that I know we’ll both believe
    Just sand in the water
    Drown next to me
  • "There's a Place" is about childhood friends (with the narrator in love with his friend) growing increasingly distant from each other as the narrator sings about the inevitable.
    In your heart, that's where I'll always be
    Now close your eyes and I will never leave
    It's funny how I see us hand in hand
    I miss you already, understand
    That I know that you aren't ready
    But you don't get to pick the day
    That the worst one in your life will land right on
    I can hear you beg for more

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