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Tear Jerker / The Adventures of Tintin

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  • The look on Haddock's face after Tintin snaps, "I can smell [alcohol] on you!" after Haddock explains that he lost the scroll to the bad guys. Especially since he hadn't actually been drinking. He was tempted, but the smell came from Allan breaking a bottle over his head.
    Haddock: There was a bottle of alcohol—
    Tintin: There always is.
  • Haddock has a significant Adaptation Personality Change: Unlike the gruff and grumpy old sailor with a short temper but a big heart from the comic, the Haddock from the film is quiet, a bit introverted and much MUCH more insecure and self-loathing.
    • While he never explained in the books why he became an alcoholic, he reveals that he knows he will be never like his ancestor and drink to punish himself for not being able to live up to his name (and his family since he is the Last of His Kind). Even more depressing, when fighting Sakharine, he clumsily try to swordfight him but his skills are sub-par to his opponent. Nevertheless, he manage to become a different kind of adventurer by the end of the movie.


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