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Tear Jerker / The Adventures of Milo and Otis

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  • When Milo gets stuck in a pit, and seemingly can't climb out. Worse, if Otis hadn't arrived...
  • After Milo falls asleep with the doe, the scene cuts to a whimpering Otis, still unable to find his dear friend even after a long, tiring day of travelling.
  • A lot of the movie is a Tear Jerker. Milo alone and lost and Otis desperately searching for him. Hard not to have several of them.
  • The alleged animal abuse and numerous amounts of kittens that were rumored to be killed during the filming of this movie. To be clear, the allegations of animal abuse and kitten deaths have never been conclusively proven, and in fact there is ample evidence to suggest that these claims are unfounded. However, it's difficult for many people to watch this movie, especially the original Japanese version, and not believe that there's something to the allegations. Some scenes are incredibly hard for animal lovers to watch. For example, it's tough to watch the cliff scene where a cat is clearly thrown from a decent height into the sea, and then (in the Japanese cut) watch the cat desperately try to claw her way up the cliff side, only to fall back into the water. And limp around with a broken paw (actually injected with mild anesthesia). And have a pug getting into an altercation with a bear cub.