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Tear Jerker / The 10 Doctors

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  • Chapter 205 (no link provided because it's a spoiler).
  • Near the end, when Ten is alone on Gallifrey for the last time, especially when he decides to pop outside the Citadel for a breath of air.
  • Also near the end, "They're gone, Rose...They're really gone..." Nine really needed that, huh...
  • Again, near the end, as the companions are leaving with their Doctors, 8, 9 and 10 give this exchange:
    9: Sad to see them leave like this. One at a time. Back into the mists of Happy Memory.
    10: I don't know what I'd do if Adric had been here.
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  • After a particularly traumatic moment, Ten pleads to a statue of Rassilon... who would end up being the indirect cause of his death in The End of Time and imprison him for billions of years in Hell Bent.

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