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Tear Jerker / Texhnolyze

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  • Much of the story is this when it's not being downright grim.
  • Ichise losing an arm and a leg because a sadistic prostitute got angry when he defended himself during sex. This is before we get to see his backstory
  • The Love Triangle between Keigo, Mana, and Michiko. What at first seems to be Keigo engaging in a tryst with his secretary turns out to be a tragic Type 5 Triang Relations, with Keigo turning to Michiko because Mana is implied to have lost all contact with reality at this point. Mana ends up dead due to a hostage crisis, and Keigo freezes out Michiko romantically due to his grief. And whatever possibility of the two becoming closer is shot down when Michiko is tortured so brutally, that she begs Keigo to end her suffering.
    • Similarly, the relationship between Hal, Shinji and their mutual Friends with Benefits, who is in love with Shinji, and is loved by Hal. It ends just as badly, with Hal turning on Shinji out of jealousy, and with the remaining two breaking up in the aftermath, mutually broken after all the tragedy.
  • The fates of the main cast.
    • Doc crosses the Despair Event Horizon upon discovering that the people on the surface are slowly dying out, and have no interest in saving either themselves or Lux from Kano's madness. After Ichise leaves to see what he can do back in Lux, it's all but outright stated that she was Driven to Suicide, with one of the remaining radios broadcasting her thoughts on why she picked Ichise for the Texhnolyzation, to the benefit of absolutely no one.
    • Onishii fails at keeping Lux intact, in keeping it's people from killing each other, and in saving his secretary//lover in time. His final act is to perform a Mercy Kill on the voice of the city, revealed to be Ran, and upon doing so, is promptly gunned down into paste by the very people he tried to protect.
    • Ran's visions come true: she's forcibly removed from the protection of Lux, and delivered into Kano's hands, who subjects her to a Fate Worse than Death. She has to contact Onishi to get a Mercy Kill, and after Ichise kills Kano, her mutilated corpse is dropped into the river where the Raffia stems from, as an effort by Ichise as a makeshift funeral.
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    • Shinji can do nothing as the Racan fall apart, and his best friend betrays him, over a Love Triangle he was unbelievably oblivious over. After killing Hal, he goes on a rampage against the Class, hysterically furious that the people he looked up to and wanted to be a part of had been reduced to inbred hermits who willingly damned Lux for Kano's amusement. His final act is to gun down what is presumably the people keeping the Class together, before being shot in the back by one of the remaining survivors.
    • Ichise, in spite of his best efforts, fulfils Ran's prophecy: he is forced to watch as the few people he cares about end up broken or dead, he kills several Lux citizens in retaliation for Onishii's murder, all his Character Development is for naught as Ran has long been dead. The last scenes of the series portrays Ichise dying, the last human being in Lux, having lost anyone and everyone he ever gave a shit about, sustained in his presumably final moments only by a vision of the flowers that Ran once carried.

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