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Tear Jerker / TerraforMARS

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  • Akari's reaction upon learning of Yuriko's death from Komachi during their first meeting. He, still in denial, starts with a kick to Komachi's face. As the realization that the news is not a lie sinks in he beats Komachi's chest, begging him to give her back and dissolving into Manly Tears. To top everything off, Komachi gives Akari a Cool Down Hug. As they are leaving to go to UNASA, Akari starts crying again, admitting that he loved Yuriko. This time, reminded of a similar event that happened to himself, Komachi is also crying.
  • Sheila's death. She manages to catch a terraformar, only for the creature to pierce her chest with a blast of super heated gas. Marcos retaliates by using the same net Sheila used to capture the terraformar to smash it with an anguished cry. Komachi lifts Sheila into his arms and she grasps the front of his coat, trying to tell him her feelings for him. Marcos asks Komachi to listen, knowing how she felt. Sheila dies as Komachi tells her he understands.
    • Later, Marcos goes on a rampage, violently ripping through terraformar after terraformar at a terrifying rate of speed. The battle is interspersed with flashbacks of him, Alex, and Sheila together during their childhood. All the while, Marcos is screaming his heart out and crying streams of Berserker Tears.

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