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Tear Jerker / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

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  • Mikey's reaction to being called a monster is downright heartbreaking. Seeing the usually upbeat and goofy teenager inches from tears is one of the most painful things in the movie.
    Mikey: It wasn't just fear in their eyes. It was actual hate.
  • April jumping between the turtles and the police to give them a chance to escape, knowing it would result in her arrest.
  • The brothers' fight on the ride home after losing to Beebop and Rocksteady. Like real siblings, they know exactly what to say to make it hurt the most.
    Raphael: You think standing on the sidelines makes you some kind of hero?
    Michelangelo: You can't just push past me like that, bro!
    Raphael: You were being a nitwit! You were gonna lose that thing!
    Michelangelo: I wasn't going to lose it! I had it!
    Donatello: I had it right in my hand and you acted like I wasn't even there!
    Leonardo: It is not my job to make your presence known, alright? Get out your head and communicate!
    Raphael: Well what'd you expect!? He's all logic, no skill!
    Michelangelo: Oh, coming from the guy who's all instinct, no restraint!
    Leonardo: What do you know about anything!? You're all heart, no brains!
    Donatello: How could you!? You may know a lot about strategy, but you know nothing about feelings!
    Raphael: Ha!
    Leonardo: ....... fair enough... wanna know the one thing I am feeling? We may be brothers... but we are not a team.
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  • Mikey talking about the potential for the purple ooze to turn them human.
    Mikey: It gave me hope, you know? That we might not have to be stuck down here forever.

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