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Tear Jerker / Teen Titans

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Terra: A Teen Titan, A True Friend

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Though this only shows up in the first episode, Plasmus is actually a normal human that becomes a monster whenever he wakes up. That means he only has two choices: sleep his entire life away, or become a dangerous threat to everything around him. He know this too, and he reacts in horror when Slade wakes him up, which seems to indicate he's a fairly decent guy in a really sucky situation.
    • And it gets worse. Before long his monster-self is hideously merged with two other characters.
  • This entire exchange at the end of "Masks" was deeply saddening, considering Robin and Starfire's relationship dynamic, Starfire's values on friendship and her usual bubbly personality, and what Robin had just done. Ouch.
    (Starfire enters)
    Robin: You want to yell at me too? Everyone else has. And I can't blame them.
    Starfire: I do not wish to yell, merely to understand. Robin, why did you not tell us the truth?
    Robin: I needed to fool Slade. If you guys knew it was me under that mask, you would've held back. Doesn't matter anyway. Slade figured it out, and I still haven't figured out anything about him.
    Starfire: That is not true. Whoever Slade is, you and he are similar. Slade did not trust you ... and you did not trust us.
  • In "Apprentice - Part 1", Starfire begging Robin to answer her calls after he was blackmailed into working for Slade, and she continues into Part 2. And when they finally found him...
    Beast Boy: That's not Slade, that's...
    Starfire: Robin...
    • And she calls his name again after he blasted her and escaped. Then she adamantly refuses to believe he is the real Robin because he would never betray them. When Slade forces Robin to attack the Titans, Robin ended up pointing his thermal blaster at Starfire whose hand glows green... but then her eyes soften.
      Starfire: Robin, you are my best friend. I cannot be in a world where we must fight. If you are truly evil, then go ahead. (starbolt fades, hangs head) Do what you must.
      Robin: Starfire, no! (lowers blaster)
    • Then in his moment of weakness, Slade activates the nanobots inside the Titans.
      Starfire: (weakly) Robin...
      Robin: I'm sorry. (shoots her)
    • Just to make things a little bit worse, the building he was breaking into? Wayne Enterprises.
    • In the final confrontation, when Slade, with Robin by his side, overpowers the Titans, tears are actually streaming down Starfire's face.
  • "How Long Is Forever?" presents a future in which the team has splintered and the whole city is now dilapidated, silent, and half-abandoned.
    • Cyborg is confined to the ruins of Titans Tower because his batteries have just degraded that badly.
    • Beast Boy is locked into a cage for a circus freak show. What makes it sadder is that he admits to Starfire that he tried his best to continue doing hero work after the team disbanded, but he just wasn't strong enough to defeat the bad guys on his own, instead getting beaten up a lot until he gave up the job for good.
    • Raven is driven into a stupor because she doesn't have her friends and thinks Starfire is just another hallucination.
    • When Starfire goes inside the ruined Titans Tower, she finds that the Blorthog necklaces were still broken by that time, meaning that the Titans fell apart almost immediately after her disappearance.
  • “Slade was right, you don't have any friends”. The moment Terra's (and the audience's) heart broke.
    • It's heartbreaking on Beast Boy's side too. He finally went out with his crush. Only to find out she was working with Slade all this time. He felt so betrayed by the fact his friend was a spy, that all he can do is bitterly tell her the above quote (and he didn't even mean it). And the episode ends with a shot of him cuddled up in a corner in dog form, staring at the heart he gave Terra.
  • The schoolgirl's/Terra's speech. "Things were never the way you remember..." "Things change, Beast Boy. The girl you want me to be is just a memory.... you're the Teen Titan. That's who you are. That's not me. I'm not a hero. I'm not out to save the world. I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period and I haven't studied."
    • The end of "Aftershock, Part 2", after Terra's sacrifice.
      Beast Boy: Her name...was Terra. She was gifted with tremendous power, and cursed with it as well. She was a dangerous enemy, and a good friend. And she was one of the bravest people that I have ever known.
    • During BB and Cyborg's battle with Terra. Beast Boy's expression of disbelief, and her utter lack of remorse make it heart wrenching.
      Beast Boy: Terra, you can't.
      Terra: Watch me.
    • Even worse is the fact that BB was the only one who still believed in her and trusted her.
  • The end of "The End, part 1", particularly as Raven accepts her destiny as herald of the apocalypse, then stuns her friends into unconsciousness to keep them from going after her...then whispers, "goodbye... be safe." Similarly, a few minutes later when she says she never knew she would "have such wonderful friends," and proceeds to "die" as her horrified teammates watch, helplessly.
    • The ending of the first act of that episode. Raven, the one who tries to shelve her emotions the best way she can, is reduced to tears after she says "The end of the world." Such a Gut Punch.
  • Robin - normally not the type to give speeches about The Power of Friendship - doing his best to talk Raven into letting the Titans help, as well as Robin protecting Raven's young form and (for a happy-tears variety) the two Titans watching the sun come up at finale's end.
  • "The End: Part 3", when Robin was carrying regressed-to-childhood Raven and telling her the story of the Raven he knew. One of the sweetest moments in the show. And when young Raven was shaking Robin's body, going: "Get up, get up!"
    • The Titans fighting for their lives against there evil doppelgangers. The originals keep trying to fight the dark selves, but keep getting beat down.
      Doppelganger Beast Boy: (to Beast Boy) No wonder Terra dumped you.
      Doppelgänger Cyborg: (to Cyborg after telling him to go run home to "mommy") Oh that's right, you don't have a mommy.
    • Doppelgänger Starfire admitting to OUR Starfire that she's glad she's acting like Blackfire at her worst.
  • A-few-punches-from-death Robin collapsing into Starfire's arms, whispering, "It's okay, Starfire... s'okay...".
  • In the same episode, when Starfire was forced to hit Robin (who was Not Himself at the time) unconscious with a starbolt. The resignation on her face... damn.
  • The end of "Spellbound", where Raven gets her heart completely broken by Malchior, the Mailer Daemon from the Great Big Book of Everything is also quite the tearjerker. Specially when Beast Boy says he's sorry for the heartbreak Raven went through, and then she hugs him.
    • From the same episode, it's also quite heartbreaking when Beast Boy insults Raven after she refused to play Stankball with him and Cyborg. The look on Raven's face is particularly sad. Anyone who knows what it's like to get insulted by their friends for being different definitely felt for Raven there.
      Beast Boy: Why can't you just have fun like normal people? Why are you always locked in your dark room reading nasty old books? Why do you have to be so creepy?
      Raven: (very quietly, to herself) I'm not creepy, I'm just different.
    • Also Raven, of all people, crying over how lonely she thinks she is. Ouch.
      Malchior: Is that what you want, Raven? To be alone?
      Raven: ... no.
    • Worse still because he is emotionally manipulating the hell out of her.
    • Not to mention how utterly broken she sounds when she learns the truth.
      "He lied to me. He lied. And I gave him what he wanted."
  • "Good was never an option for me." Near the end of "Lightspeed", Jinx looks so lost... and then she finds the rose, and there's that small, hopeful smile on her face.
  • In "Stranded", there's a sad moment when the Titans are trying to shake off an alien on their T-Ship, and Robin tells them to not separate, but the alien's sound waves mess up the communications, and the Titans think they're told to separate, and do so, as Robin extends his hand out and lets out an anguished Big "NO!" as Starfire's ship leaves.
    • In the same episode, Starfire expresses her disappointment in Robin for pulling the She's Not My Girlfriend card and worries that they'll never be okay as she puts it.
      • Her cold demeanor towards Robin while they're alone on the planet also counts too all because Robin Can't Spit It Out.
  • Starfire revealing to Cyborg what the word Val-Yor was calling her means in "Troq".
    Cyborg: But I thought you said it didn't mean anything.
    Starfire: No. I said it means "nothing". When Val-Yor calls me Troq he is saying that I am worthless. A nothing.
  • In the final battle from "Cyborg The Barbarian" the Big Bad Krall has Sarasim in his grip and looks about ready to kill her even as Cyborg is being carried away by his army. Cyborg is diverting all of his remaining power for one final shot...only to be torn from the field of battle and brought back to the present by Raven. When he demands that they send him back to finish the battle, Raven tells him that she can't.
    Cyborg: I made a promise! They were counting on me!
    Robin: Cyborg, I'm sorry. We had no idea...
    Cyborg: I didn't even get to say goodbye.
    • Sarasim's reaction to seeing Cyborg trying to save her counts as well. Throughout the episode, Cyborg depletes more and more of his power and suffers damage he cannot fix in her time. She knows that the energy he uses for his sonic cannon is also the energy that keeps him alive, and how little energy he has left. She knows that he's willing to sacrifice his life for hers, and there's nothing she can do to stop him.
  • Red Star in the episode "Snowblind". He was a sickly teenager who was used in a Red Army experiment to create a Supersoldier...and which gave him uncontrollable radioactive powers that turn him into a living nuclear reactor. After he was unable to control those powers and inadvertently leveled most of a city, he isolated himself for years in an abandoned nuclear plant out of fear of hurting anyone else, regarded with hate and fear by his former allies and left to stew in his self-loathing, loneliness, and frustration with no contact from anyone until Starfire arrived.
    • And at the end, when he finally proves that he's not a monster to the rest of the army and defeats the real thing that's been terrorizing the city, he completely loses stability from the stress of the battle and has Starfire take him away from everyone else before he lets off an enormous nuclear explosion, possibly dying in the process.
  • From the movie: the Fate Worse than Death that the Commander of the Tokyo Troopers subjected Brushogun to after capturing him was so cruel and painful to watch.
  • Cyborg's origins, while never discussed, do make you feel bad for him. It's implied in "Deception" that he wasn't always a cyborg, which is pretty sad. You can tell by looking at him that he's glad to have his human body back. This only adds onto the tragedy of his story, whatever it may be.
    • Pushed further in "Go!" Being the origin of the Teen Titans as a team, you see how everyone was before getting together, and obviously before gaining public acceptance. Cyborg was wearing bulky clothes, completely covering himself, and typically hiding out in dark alleys or slouching off to the side as much as possible. As cool as most people found him, he saw himself as nothing but a freak, and had been for who knows how long.
  • Birthmark. Just, everything about it runs on this. Raven's friends have just discovered that it was her birthday and attempt to cheer her up when she isolates herself in her room for the entire day, only passively hinting at the utter nightmare she knew this day would bring. Worse is that she wasn't even fully aware of what it was that had been foretold of her fate, but once a demonic, reanimated Slade reappears and forces onto Raven the vision of the destruction she would unleash upon the world at Trigon's hands, the horror and trauma that comes with this knowledge is enough to make anyone feel for the agony Raven is now overcome by.
    • This line sums up the utter hopelessness and self-loathing Raven feels as she rejects all her friends' attempts to restore her spirit:
      Raven: If you knew anything about the day of my birth.....You'd know there's nothing to celebrate.
    • Hell, the very literal mind rape Raven endures as a nearly unstoppable Slade forces his message upon her. The emotional and psychological trauma of this entire sequence of events in which Raven is held hostage and helpless to defend herself is probably an experience many can unfortunately relate to.
    • Robin catching an exhausted Raven after Slade lets her fall to what ought to have been an inevitable death for any ordinary human being. Even after the absolute hell they've just endured, Robin's warm and reassuring smile is nothing short of immense relief.
    • The Titans' second attempt to celebrate Raven's birthday, this time also to reaffirm their commitment to their friend and to assure her that she is not alone in her struggle.
      Beast Boy: You may not like your birthday, but... we're all glad you were born.
  • Starfire going ballistic during her introduction in "Go". When she starts wrecking the city with her hands, it becomes clear that she's not just going ballastic; she's trying to use enough force to break the handcuffs. Although she's clearly angry, she's probably also terrified; regardless of her status as a warrior, she's still a young girl who's been kidnapped and will live out the rest of her days as a "servant" if she doesn't escape.
  • The relationship between Starfire and Blackfire, going from them being good with each other to bitter enemies. The continuation in the tie-in comic makes it worse, ending with Starfire disowning Blackfire. And there are hints that Blackfire was actually innocent this time.
  • The ending of The End Part III. After everything Raven has struggled through, all her hardships and tribulations, she is finally free of all her inner demons and premonitions. She is no longer a slave to any prophecy and can now live her life to the fullest with her friends.

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