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Tear Jerker / Tear of Grace

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  • Dear Viewers: I'm Sorry, and Here's Why..., the video where tear apologizes for not uploading on YouTube for over a week. He did the video because he thought that people deserved an explanation for his absence and goes on to describe the family issues that he was having as well as the lack of motivation and miserableness that came with that, and to top this off, his microphone had also broke. After this video, Tear's started to upload less frequently as he tried to focus more on quality rather than frequency and by extension quantity.
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  • Tear's fight against Sif in his Dark Souls playthrough. He is verbally regretting it, even saying that he "Doesn't want to be the wolf-slayer," at the start. He then proceeds go to apologize for having to kill him, then hating the fact that you have to fight Sif to beat the game, then arguing that Sif should be able to be spared, and finally wanting to put him down to stop the fight. It gets worse when he ends up killing Sif while explaining why they don't have to fight.
    Tear: "You don't have to protect the grave of your master when when I'm the guy who needs to go into the abyss to finish-"
    Delivers the killing blow to Sif.
    Tear: "What he started..."
  • One in either of the Middle Earth games, whenever one of his branded orcs that he likes dies. One of the biggest examples is when Gubu the Unshamed is killed in one episode of Shadow of War, where he edits in the playing of "Ave Maria".
    • The fact that Hosgrish the Literate One, who he'd been trying to recruit for several episodes, died, is rather solemn. One hopes he returns in some capacity, as Tear really wanted him on his side.
      • When the now deranged Brûz attacks Tear in Episode 18, he is forced to put him out of his misery.
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    • One Tear comments on when Glûk the Bard, a singing Uruk with an axe-lute Tear had appreciated and really wanted to recruit, shows up as one of the Undead captains, with no songs or clever wordplay to offer: just a monstrous hiss that lets everyone know the real Glûk is gone.
    Tear: Aw... Not even a weird, guttural rhyming song... That made me sadder than it should've.
    • Oh dear lord, Ar-Kaius the Deranged. The noises he makes are just... disheartening.
    • Tear's reaction to Helm Hammerhand's rampage starting with his own daughter has him sounding genuinely distressed and horrified, repeatedly calling Helm out for killing everyone in the room, even the people on his side. The sad as fuck music he edited in does not even remotely prevent an already tragic scene from being any less so.
    • Right after the defeat of Ukrom the Machine in the ultimate battle. Krûk Gore-Tide proceeds to kill Horza the Ruined, whom saved Tear from being killed countless times. Tear was so furious that he left Krûk to bleed out right in front of him. The dark filter and sad piano music throughout this segment certainly didn't help lighten up the mood.
    Tear: Your tide won't be crashing up againest any shores again anytime soon.

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