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Tear Jerker / Team America: World Police

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  • The "End of an Act" song montage.
  • "I'm So Ronery" can make you really feel bad for Kim Jong Il, when you think about it.
  • Despite the fact that Gary is obviously lying through his teeth, a number of people actually cried at his fake backstory when he was captured by the terrorists.
  • Not that Gary's real backstory isn't sad in it's own way. Basically, while out at the zoo with his family, Gary practiced acting on the railing above a gorilla pit and ended up falling in, his older brother, Tommy dived in after him, forgetting that he was carrying blueberries, he ended up being torn to bits by the gorillas who wanted the blueberries. Gary had to live with the guilt for the rest of his life and uses it as a way of enhancing his performances.
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  • Gary's Heroic BSoD after the Panama disaster and learning that the entire world hates the titular team.
  • Chris' Jerkass Realization after Gary saves him from Susan Sarandon's trap, revealing to him his own backstory of how he wanted to see Cats in his hometown and was even invited backstage, only to get molested and raped by the drunken cast, explaining why he's hated actors since. The whole scene shows how he actually is grateful towards Gary and that he should have listened to him.
  • Let's not forget about "Freedom Isn't Free" and "Pearl Harbor Sucked". when one listens to the tone, the mood can make you approach tearfulness.

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