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Tearjerker / T2 Trainspotting

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Renton returning home and learning his mother died while he was gone. There's one shot of him with his father while a shadow is sitting in the empty chair where Renton's mother would be sitting.
  • Spud writing a letter to Gail and their son before he attempts suicide.
    • And Spud's first scenes in the film, where he describes his descent further into drug abuse and losing everything...except heroin.
    She's the only friend who's never left.
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  • Renton's "Choose Life" monologue he gives to Veronica. It starts off with Renton calling back to the cynical and sarcastic tone of the monologue he delivered at the beginning of the first film, albeit with the biting social commentary updated to match more relevant issues to 2016. Then he starts speaking of the failures in his own life, revealing that even though he genuinely chose life in the end of the first film, he still cocked it up.
    Choose unfulfilled promise and wishing you'd done it all differently. Choose never learning from your own mistakes. Choose watching history repeat itself. Choose the slow reconciliation towards what you can get rather than what you always hoped for. Settle for less and keep a brave face on it. Choose disappointment and chose losing the ones you love and as they fall from view, a piece of you dies with them, until you can see one day that in the future, piece by piece, they will all be gone and there'll be nothing left of you to call alive or dead. Choose your future, Veronica. Choose life.
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  • Renton, Spud and Sick Boy paying tribute to Tommy by visiting the spot where he took them for a walk. Spud reads the chapter from the book where Renton notes that Tommy won't survive the Winter. When Sick Boy calls Renton out for getting him hooked on heroin in the first place, Renton brings up the death of baby Dawn.


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