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Tear Jerker / Supreme Power

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  • One-year-old Mark "Hyperion" Milton flash-frying his brand new puppy on his birthday. The dog got weirded out by Mark, started yapping, Mark got scared activated his Eye Beams to protect himself. The result? A greasy soot stain in the kitchen, a traumatized super-powered infant, and an utterly terrified pair of US secret agents.
  • When Doc Spectrum and Amphibian first meet, they have a very pleasant conversation. . . well, half a conversation. But Doc needs to go, and Amphibian doesn't want him to. . . she's finally found someone she can communicate with, someone somewhat like her, and she wants him to stay and play. He promises to come back soon. After he leaves, she curls up in the small crater he left on the ocean floor, clearly already missing her first, fleeting connection with humanity.