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Tear Jerker / Supergirl 2016
aka: Supergirl Rebirth

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  • Lar-On's sickness turned him into a monster. He had not done anything wrong but he was pre-emptively quarantined to a parallel dimension. When he escaped because a freak accident, his home was gone and his family dead.
  • In Supergirl #1, Kara is having an awful day: her schoolmates think that she is dumb because she doesn't know how to use primitive Earth's gadgets, her new boss chews her out because she made an unauthorized sortie, her foster parents' tries to help her feel at home backfire awfully. So she flies away from everyone and to the Fortress of Solitude, wondering whether she will ever fit in.
    Supergirl: Now there is only one person who can open it, Kal. You named it well. It is just me. Maybe this is where I should be. Polishing all the other relics someone shot into space. This is as close to Krypton, to Argo, as I will ever get.

Alternative Title(s): Supergirl Rebirth