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Tear Jerker / Super Smash Brothers Life Itself

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  • Also counts as Nightmare Fuel but seeing all those Pikachu slaves being treated horribly in the Essance Extraction point, some of them may be even dead due to overuse of energy trying to keep Black Shadow's lair working, Sheik's reaction does not help either.
  • Even though she's The Pollyanna, Paula is sometimes depressed when nobody's looking, mostly because her homeworld may be destroyed or the fact that she may never go back to her world, if this keeps up she might snap.
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  • Amaterasu's Heroic Sacrifice in The Great Escape, so her best friend Black Mage can perform his final smash and complete the mission, it goes to show how much the wolf will go to help the ones she loves.
  • The Downer Ending to Golden Smash, until then it was a happy and funny mission where Gilius, Pac-Man and Lyndis go after Death adder, however when they reach and eventually battle the knight himself, he captures Gilius and disappears with him in tow, things go from bad to worse where he launches a powerful blast at Lyn and Pac so they dont follow him, what follows is Lyn sacrificing herself to save Pac-Man from the blast which results in Lyn ending up in a coma, Pac soon has to carry a very injured Lyn back to the Life Sphere.
  • Seeing Pokemon characters get hurt, especially Shaymin and Eliza the Pichu.
  • Mario being depressed in What to do next, the once cheerful plumber has clearly been through a lot and seen unknown terrors at Black Shadow's lair and what's worse one of his partners could be dead or worse... She's not dead.
    • Most of the citizens of the Life Sphere are depressed due to the situation there in, heck in the same thread it's mentioned that some of them cry themselves to sleep and fear that the shield protecting the sphere will one day break and the Starvia will destroy and infect everything.
  • Poor Big the Cat being scared in The Gang Wars finale questioning his belief and wonders why a war like this is happening, fortunately Rosalina is there to comfort him.
  • Even though it's funny, Laharl's treatment to Lucario can sometimes be this.
  • Tails being depressed at being defeated by Kreix and being called out by Lt. Surge, luckily Viridi, Black Mage and Gilius are there to to help him out.

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