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Tearjerker / Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist

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  • Ryu and Ken's scene on the rooftop in episode 4. Ken tells Ryu that he now realizes why his father left him to train with Ryu and Gouken when he was younger, and admits that he was too young and spoiled at the time to understand why. When Ryu asks if Ken's going back to the USA with his dad, Ken tells him that he's going to stay and continue his training with Ryu and Gouken, much to Ryu's delight.
  • Gouki's banishment and the aftermath in episode 5. As Gouki is about to leave the dojo, Gouken stops him and offers to help him. He goes on to tell him that despite almost killing him, Gouken still consider Gouki his brother and that he doesn't want him to leave. However, neither Goutetsu nor Gouki himself are willing to reconcile their differences and the brothers part ways. The episode ends as Goutetsu turns Gouki's name slate backwards on the wall of Ansatsuken practioners.
    • The scene leading up to the banishment is pretty sad, too. Gouki has become practically brainwashed by his obsession with the teachings of Ansatsuken and the influence of the Satsui no Hado and his ravings end up pushing Goutetsu too far and he is left with no choice but to banish him. Even though his Master is ashamed of him, Gouki bears no resentment towards him, ans swears to make him proud. Goutetsu, in turn looks like as if he could cry.
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  • Episode 10. After Gouki (now Akuma) kills Goutetsu with the Raging Demon, he tells his dying former master that he was a great master and that even his defeat taught him much, even taking his hand as a son would. Goutetsu then dies as Akuma claims his neck beads. Gouken sees his brother standing over his now-dead master and pleads to fight him, even shooting out a hadouken to get his attention. However, Akuma tells his brother that he is not ready and leaves, as his brother and Sayaka are in left in tears.
  • Episode 12. After Ken and Ryu's fight, Gouken tells Ryu and Ken that they must leave and go forth on their journey. However, Ryu and Ken are hesitant after their climactic battle, but decide to go through with it.
    • Ryu admitting that it was him who channeled Satsui no Hadou and not Ken. The look on Ryu's face shows just how guilty and almost moved to tears he is after the fight.
    • Before Ryu and Ken leave, they both personally bid farewell to their master. Ryu's farewell is much more tearjerking when you consider Gouken has been raising and teaching Ryu since childhood and loves him like a son. After Gouken gifts Ryu with his "Furinkazan" belt, they both hug, like father and son.
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    • After Ryu and Ken leave the dojo, Gouken is left in tears. His distraught look basically translates to "Goodbye, my sons. And thank you for everything...."
    • It's even more heartbreaking when you realize that Gouken is crying because Akuma will soon come for him, and he may not survive the battle. He knows that this is most likely the last time he will ever see Ryu and Ken again...

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