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Tear Jerker / StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

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  • Kerrigan's reaction when she learns about Jim's apparent death. You can see how her whole world comes crashing around her at that moment.
    • Of course, think about the greater ramifications this had—all the progress the Raiders made against Mengsk in the previous game, such as broadcasting his war crimes to gain public support was undone; the supposed death of their hero broke their spirits and silenced their dissent. It's even harder for the Raiders themselves; although Matt could still lead them, he doesn't carry the same charisma Raynor had to continue their rebellion against Mengsk, so their commander's supposed death put their revolution to a halt.
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  • Most of the time when Sarah's face is in close-up during cinematics, her expression is a Tear Jerker by itself.
  • Lassara's final fate.
    • The worst part was that she wasn't even a professional soldier, and was merely a civilian researcher. She also came across as a genuinely nice person that even attempted to talk Kerrigan into sparing her friends and work towards peace while she is held captive. In the end, not only was she given a painful and gruesome death, she died knowing that by rescuing her from the zerg, all her friends are now going to die as well. Even Kerrigan was not pleased that she had to do that, if her subsequent discussion with Abathur is any indication.
  • The scene where Jim Raynor is saved by Kerrigan, only to find out she has turned back into the Queen of Blades, is absolutely heart-breaking, both for the two characters and the players.
    • Consider the imagine spot at the start from Jim's perspective. We knew what had happened, Jim didn't know Sarah had been reinfested. He hears fighting outside, and the door to his cell is blown in. For an instant, he seems to see Sarah, as he knew her, come to the rescue. And then, just as he's starting to smile, her wings unfold, almost guiltily, while she looks at him sadly.
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    • Special mention goes to The scene where Kerrigan guides Raynor's revolver towards her own head, sorrowfully asking if he still trusts her. Raynor, having just seen the woman he loves now back to her zerg form, is understandably angry at her, having just chewed her out for everything the original Queen of Blades had done, as well as how many people she's killed, including Fenix. We still hear the bullets, one by one, being shot out of the revolver, while looking at Raynor's angry face. Then, the camera pans and it shows that Raynor has deliberately aimed off course. Despite everything Kerrigan has done, he just can't get himself to kill her—or, perhaps, only stops himself from killing her because if she dies, the universe is doomed. She tries to comfort him, saying that she'll always love him, and two words conveying his anger and disgust are all that he has for her: "We're done". You may cry now.
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    • Not to mention, Kerrigan spends the entirety of the following Leviathan sequence looking away from the player towards the Hyperion, and from 'talking' to the other zerg around her, we hear that she has shut herself off completely psionicly. Click on her, and the only thing you'll hear is her lamentations. She really loved that man, and now, there's nothing left for them. Also if you click on everyone in the room, they all express great concern over her and wonder why she is depressed. A bit of a heartwarming moment to see creatures that are described as barbaric monsters show concern for their queen.
  • Warfield's death, a single mention of Raynor's supposed death, and he gets metal beams jabbed into his body. It's not all tear jerker though, seeing how Kerrigan actually honors his last request, letting his men get out alive.
    • Yes, one of his men joyfully reports a successful escape...... At the end of the cutscene, one can imagine he might have realized that the General won't be joining them.
      Dominion Officer: General! The zerg pulled back! It's a miracle! We're going to make it! ...General! ...General?
    • And on the flipside of this, the report didn't come until after Kerrigan killed Warfield. The General died thinking that all of this men were about to be slaughtered mercilessly, and never found out they would survive.
    • For most of the two missions where you fight Warfield, he just tosses out generic banter and taunts. Then, deep into the final battle comes this Brutal Honesty that really hits home.
    "Dammit, girl, we saved you! How could you return to this? You gave up your humanity, for this? To kill more people?"
    • The man's life pretty much sucked since Starcraft II. He was recalled to active duty from retirement, only to be confronted with the fact that he helped an ambitious bastard rise to power, a bastard who lured the zerg to destroy their enemy, killing countless innocent civilians. Then, he opts to help the son, who is a better person and potential ruler. Then, Arcturus crushes Valerian's armies, and Warfield was brought back into Arcturus's fold.
  • Kerrigan killing Narud...who just turned himself into her original form. Resulting in a potent reminder that cute redheaded Sarah is now forever gone and Kerrigan's Queen of Blades alter ego has long since become a part of the real her.
  • The ending: Kerrigan is almost killed by Mengsk when he uses the Xel'naga artifact against her but is saved when Raynor shows up behind him in full marine armor, grabs Mengsk and throws him across the room. Kerrigan then proceeds to blow Mengsk up. Good ending? Yes and no. Sarah thanks Jim for everything and even does it with a smile, to which Jim responds that it was his pleasure, and always was, with a smile on his own as Sarah flies away back to her Leviathan. The kicker? They can never be together no matter how much they love each other because of Kerrigan's role in fighting Amon, aka the Dark Voice and Fallen Xel'naga as well as the one who corrupted the Zerg.
    • The final sequence in which Kerrigan reflects on all that happened to her and all the she had to give up in the way.
  • Valerian not being the least bit surprised that his own father is willing to let him die if it means killing Kerrigan is all kinds of depressing. Poor guy must have had a horrible childhood.
  • This conversation with Stukov. Hits harder when you remember the UED Victory Report in Brood War said he was a married man with four kids.
    Stukov: When I see the stars arrayed before me like this, I think of Earth. I remember its green hills.
    Kerrigan: You can't go home again.
    Stukov: I know. I have no place on Earth now.

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