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Tear Jerker / Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation²

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  • While it's not brought up very often. The first thing Troi senses from The Doctor when they meet in Issue 2? He's "very old, and very kind, and very lonely".
  • Issue #5, while mostly Nightmare Fuel. The moment when Doctor shows Picard the Bad Future of the Cybermen defeating the Borg. We get to see several alien races being conquered and assimilated, including the Klingons, and even the Vulcans.
  • Part of the final plan involves a quick trip to the battle of Wolf 359. The Doctor gives Picard a very Timey-Wimey and very fake reason that he should not be brought along. When Amy calls him out on this, he responds that it's better not to relive certain days, with a significant look at Locutus.

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