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Tear Jerker / Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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"Ilia, help us make contact with V'ger." "I cannot."

  • After losing his intended science officer in a transporter accident, Kirk is completely lost on the Enterprise. It doesn't help Decker witnesses this.
    • The novelization adds to this: The other officer who died in the accident was Vice Admiral Lori Ciana, who Kirk had a relationship with.
  • Spock's initial aloofness towards his former crew mates. He even gives Kirk the cold shoulder at first, only discussing pertinent information regarding the V'Ger crisis.
  • When Ilia is killed, Decker's angry retort at Kirk, "This is how I define unwarranted!" doubles as a Gut Punch.
  • Decker and Ilia's relationship is moving, especially during Decker's "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight and Probe!Ilia struggling with What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?
  • There's something about Probe!Ilia/V'Ger pleading, "Kirk Unit! Kirk Unit, please!"
  • You can't help but feel sorry for Decker, having his command removed through no fault of his own. Especially when you know he's the son of Commodore Matt Decker from the Original Series episode "The Doomsday Machine", and this was his (turned out to be last) chance to redeem the family name.
    • You could say that he does exactly this; he alone ends up providing the crucial link for V'ger to complete what it sees as its mission, and in doing so, saves Earth, at the cost of his own life. Kirk making a point to refer to him as Captain in his report to Starfleet gives hints that history will remember Decker favorably.


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