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Tear Jerker / Spawn

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The comics series:

Among the multiple tearjerker moments that are present in various issues some that would particularly stand out are:
  • Granny Blake's revelation about God during the Armageddon arc. After a lifetime of praying to God as a faithful follower, she is finally raptured to Heaven and sees a vision of her deceased husband and all of her loved ones. God then promptly gives her back her sight, shows her the horrors of Heaven and his plans for Armageddon, chews her out for her New Testament beliefs about him, and swiftly turns her into one of his angel soldiers. Later Al finds her nearly dead on the battlefield ruins and listens to her last pleading words of faith in a better life.

The animated series:

  • The ending of Season 1 of Spawn. "The sad man". After Al was killed, his wife Wanda remarried to Al's best friend Terry, with whom they had a daughter together named Cyan. In the first season finale, Spawn managed to save Cyan from a kidnapping, and just before he returns her to the police, he gives her his old wedding ring, which Wanda recognizes instantly. If knowing that he can only watch his old love again from afar isn't enough, hearing him whisper her name in the shadows and, for the first time in the series, look genuinely sad, it's just... too much...
  • In Episode 5 of Season 2, Spawn tries to contact Wanda. After he saves her from two assailants, he turns to face her, only to see her run in terror from him. The soft pleading in Keith David's voice seals it:
    Spawn: Wanda, I just want to talk to you, please! I would never hurt you... I only want to protect you!
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  • You wouldn't think it, but when Twitch gets shot in the head, Sam takes it the hardest and even starts to cry. You wouldn't be blame for thinking he's grieving over a dead relative.

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