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Tear Jerker / Soylent Green

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"How could I have known? How could I... How could I ever imagine?"

  • Sol Roth's suicide (pictured). Basically, he is given some painless poison, and is treated to images of an Earth only a man of his great age could remember: beautiful and full of life. Thorn, who has come in to try and see what he has learned, can only say parting words and watch as his friend dies, seeing those very images of the once-vibrant planet.
  • Thorn brings Sol foodstuffs he looted from Simonson's apartment. Seeing an apple and beef for what must be the first time in ages, Sol breaks down in tears, asking "What have we come to?"
  • The ending. After learning Soylent Green is made out of people, Thorn is left wounded and screaming about the Soylent Green being made out of people. Hatcher, his superior, may be able to spread the secret if Thorn can't survive, but with no food left, there doesn't appear to be a future for much of the world. The film ends with the forlorn sense of human civilization destroyed for nothing, and the knowledge that we could have prevented this tragedy and did not.
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  • The priest who learned of Soylent Green from Simonson's confession, is left with a dejected look of despair, and seems lost most of the time.


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