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Tear Jerker / Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Collide

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  • Dr. Light's near death in part 10 and 11. Instantly followed by a Heartwarming Moment when Shadow saves him.
  • Sonic and Megaman saying goodbye will bring tears to your eyes.
  • The 50/50 chance that the characters will remember the events of the crossover. Remember that only Sonic and Eggman remember the events of the first Genesis Wave. So it's unknown if Sonic or Megaman will remember any of this.
    • Sadly, nobody from Megaman's world remembers ANYTHING of the crossover, meaning nobody will ever know of the great sacrifice the Sonic characters did to help them.
      • While Sonic's cast may remember, it may be outright impossible for Rock—or anyone—to ever remember. Dr. Wily had to bring elements from their direct future into his half of the scheme, forcing Mega Man into a year and world that didn't exist yet...and, as we saw in Rock of Ages, whenever he travels to his direct future and return, his short-term memory circuit blows. If Rock ever does remember, it won't be for many years.
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    • Sonic does remember, as well as Blaze note , and here's one of the first things he says after returning home:
    Sonic: I hope the kid note  got back to his own world okay.
    • To top things off, the post crossover books reveal that Sonic's starting to lose his memories of the old world, so eventually he won't remember the crossover either, aside from what events he or anyone involved specifically talked about.
    • Crises averted on that. As Worlds Unite reveals that Worlds Collide still happened, so Sonic will still remember.


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