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Tear Jerker / Sonata Arctica

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This Finnish progressive power metal band has some very depressing songs.

  • "White Pearl, Black Oceans". I was born and raised by the sea, shy yet proud...
  • Also "Shamandalie", "My Selene", and (if you pay attention to the lyrics), "Paid in Full". All awesome, all will bring you to your knees if you let them.
  • "Tallulah". Listen to it after a breakup! Yeah, a breakup song after a breakup is extra tearjerking as it is, but Tallulah tops them all. Now listen to it after a breakup when neither of you wanted to break up - but you did, because you wanted your ex-significant-other to be happy and you knew that she couldn't be happy with you anymore. You know that you could practically undo it with a phone call, but you still don't do it because you want her to be happy.
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  • "Caleb". Child abuse, Start of Darkness, and Tear Jerker fuel galore.
  • And the final song in the Caleb series is pretty damn depressing, too.
  • "Under Your Tree". Ever had a pet dog that died? It's basically the musical equivalent of Death by Newbery Medal.
  • "Mary Lou".
  • "FullMoon". A man becomes a werewolf and is not only targeted by the rest of the town, but even his own wife is unable to accept his transformation.
  • "Draw Me", "The Last Amazing Grays", and "Replica"
  • "Alone in Heaven" is a man's lament at having ascended to Heaven without his loved ones to join him there.
  • "The Day". A man loses his family in a flood but handles it with a dignity that will have listeners scrambling for hankies.
    • Not just any flood, but the tsunamis that struck Japan in spring 2011.
  • "Replica" is about a man who comes home from a war and feels like a shell of his former self.
  • "What Did You Do in the War, Dad?" is about a father who did terrible things he thought would make the world better for his children, but now is haunted by his dark past and unable to enjoy being a parent.
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  • "The Cage" is about a wolf kept trapped in a cage, with a strong Humans Are Cthulhu implication, and has lines like "The walls around me, eyes surround me, feed my fear again// I must be freed or I will die before the harvest moon, my friend // I do not have another year in me, you've got to set me free."


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