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Tear Jerker / Solitary

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  • Many of the later eliminations, as well as the eventual winners' speeches.
  • Number 5's speech to his pet mouse in Season 2.
    Number 5: [shows the mouse the pod] See this? ...This is not a normal place. They're going to be doing things to me. And what I need from you is your support.
  • A lot of moments where the guests write to or make contact with their loved ones.
  • In Season 2, Episode 8, Number 8 is completely demoralized and, crying, admits to VAL that he feels like giving up. Cue VAL inspiring Number 8 to not give up by showing him videos of himself saying not to give up. He goes on to win the challenge and the game.
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  • Number 4 in Season 3 has a lot of these moments, as his months of preparation failed him. The first time he has to quit a treatment can be hard to watch.


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