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Tear Jerker / Slasher

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    Season 1: The Executioner 
  • Brenda's death, something that has a long term effect on Sarah throughout the season. Not helped Brenda had already been feeling long term guilt for causing the suffering of her friend Ada.
  • Tom Winston's death. Yes, the death of the Serial Killer is depressing, considering Tom began to show regret for what he did to Sarah's parents and how he never had a connected life with his daughter. His begging to the Executioner to spare Sarah's life is heartbreaking.

    Season 2: Guilty Party 
  • Even after everything Talvinder did to the counselors, it's still hard to not pity her when she starts crying helplessly and begging for her life after their Deadly Prank goes wrong, with each of them taking turns finishing her off without a shred of remorse (except Peter).
  • In the final episode, Peter's death. While he was in his own way guilty as well, he was the only one among the counselors who felt bad about it from day one and actually was willing to pay his actions, as well as the only one who was actually a decent person. Not only that, but he chose to willingly give his life so the Kiera can survive.

    Season 3: Solstice 
  • Amy's death, which leads to multiple flashbacks of her having to witness the death of her parents in a car accident. The episode focusing on her even ends with her walking away from the car wreckage, crying...
  • Angel beating the snot out of Dan, finally lashing out of anger and frustration over his constant slur insults (along with flashbacks of when he was beaten with a belt by a bunch of cruel teens over being gay).
  • Conner and Jen's life and what made them take on the personas of The Druid a year later: Because of their mother Justine posting a rather insensitive post about Kit's death and justifying it as "Reap what you sow", they were made into pariahs in their apartment complex, leading to Justine committing suicide by self-immolation and not helped by Violet recording the video and causing them more mockery. The result lead to the two becoming The Druid and killing those who wronged them and justifying it as no justice for what happened to them.
    • Connor's murder of Detective Roberta is this as well as Nightmare Fuel: Instead of it coming off as a sociopath killing another human being, it's played off as a broken kid releasing the pent up frustration of losing his mother and nobody coming to help them.
  • Angel's death. Dan, who witnessed Angel die after he killed Conner, only silently closes his eyes and gives a quiet "You did good...".
  • Jen learning that Saadia was the one who caused Justine's post to blow up, therefore being the one who kicked off the plot of the season...her face just screams Et Tu, Brute?. And it's not helped with a Call-Back where Saadia looks at her phone as it rings up the alarm she set for the next day...and it showing a photo of her and Jen.
  • Despite how unlikable Dan (At this point) and daughter Cassidy are, him identifying her body and flashing back to when he was teaching her to ride a bike when she was a little girl is fairly heart wrenching..

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