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Tear Jerker / Signs

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Say what you will about Shyamalan's anvils and sense of logic, but he still has the ability to make several scenes effortlessly heartbreaking.
  • The "Tell him to swing away" scene.
  • The scene where Graham discovers that Morgan killed one of their dogs, Houdini, in self-defence.
    • Even worse, the scene where they realize they forgot to bring the other dog in. You then hear the dog bark for a moment, yelp, and all becomes silent...
  • Graham telling his children the stories of their births, especially Morgan's. *sniffle*
  • The dinner scene. Give Mel Gibson credit, how many other actors do you know that can act emotional while shoveling mashed potatoes?
  • The asthma attack scene, where Graham is all but helpless while his son struggles to breathe. He lost his wife, his world is falling apart, and now his son is dangerously close to dying. Anyone who has ever seen a loved one in pain, or who has wrestled with faith, can relate to Graham pleading to God not to take his son.
  • The flashback of Graham saying goodbye to his wife. Add worse is that she's pinned to a tree after a driver crashed into her.

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