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Tear Jerker / Shutendoji

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  • Naojiro's Heroic Sacrifice. Knowing his wounded leg only will delay his gang’s escape from the Demon Buddhists, he allows himself to be captured by their giant oni and takes his life and the monster’s arm with a grenade. However, the toll it takes on the gang's morale is enormous.
    • The reaction of Naojiro's father. He's calm and serene when speaking about his family tradition, and only cries when he states he spent all of his life waiting for the opportunity to serve Shutendoji that his son ultimately received in his place. However, you know that under his composed face, he’s grieving more than nobody for the death of his son.
  • Kaji's death. Tired and devoid of psychic energy, he nonetheless tries his best against Jawanbo, and he doesn’t step aside even when his pebbles only bounce harmlessly off the hulking Demon Buddhist. When the latter stabs him with his kusarigama, Kaji knows he’s dying fulfilling his mission.
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  • Ricki's own death by using her body as a shield to stop the psychic metal balls from hurting Jiro. Even although he asks her not to, she just smiles, states it is her mission and keeps shielding him until she dies.
  • Kyoko going insane after she sees Senki carrying Jiro away. As she had been kidnapped by the Demon Buddhists and had just been rescued, it was probably the straw that broke the camel's back for her sanity. Even worse, taking in consideration she doesn't know Senki or the true legend behind Shutendoji, she might have even believed he was an enemy oni who was about to drag her son to Hell.
  • A race of superficially monstrous yet fully sentient beings being forced to butcher each other eternally is bad enough, but it turns worse when they stop fighting and turn towards the human baby it just appeared among them. Considering their size, it’s not hunger or feeding instinct which leads them to want to kill him, as he would probably not fill the stomach of a single of them. It’s the pure hate they are obliged to feel: they will rip him apart because they have no choice.
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  • Despite his frightening appearance and powers, the final oni cries tears of blood during his speech against Jiro, and later again after devouring him, while imploring Dai Ankoku Shiya Jarai to accept the boy’s kill as a sacrifice to save the ogre race. Coming from such an imposing creature, it is a just a sign that the goals of the oni are no ruse: he and his race are genuinely suffering for their bloodthirsty fate and believe killing Jiro is the only way that their god will finish it.

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